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The Evolution of Fiqh

The Evolution of Fiqh
  • Year of Publication: 2010
  • Number of Pages: 149
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The Evolution of Fiqh –  Islamic Law & The Madh-habs.

The origin of Islamic law and its evolution and the four schools of law (math-habs) are discussed in this work along with the reasons for differences among them.

This is probably Bilal Philips best-selling work on the various schools of thought in Islam, including detailed facts, insight, and commentary on the four major madhabs as well as other, less-known madhabs in Islam. Includes mini-biographies on various eminent Islamic scholars the Evolution of Fiqh (Islamic Law & the Madh-habs), the author very clearly presents a brief overview of the historical development of Islamic law and its schools (the Madh-Nabs).

The author says in the introduction of the second edition, “The overall purpose of this book is to acquaint the reader with the historical factors behind the formulation of Islamic law (Fiqh), in order that he or she may better understand how and why the various schools of Islamic law (Madh-habs) came about.

It is hoped that this understanding will in turn, provide a basis for overcoming the petty differences and divisions which occur when present-day followers of different schools of people without definite schools try to work together. Thus, another aim of this book is to provide a theoretical framework for the reunification of the Madhhabs and an ideological basis for Islamic community work free from the divisive effects of Madh-hab factionalism.” The book consists of six chapters: foundation, establishment, building, flowing, consolidation, and stagnation and decline.

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