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The Islamic Books Plugin by EDC endeavors to be a unique comprehensive online store of free downloadable PDF books about Islam, Muslims, and other faiths in different languages, powered by EDC (e-Da`wah Committee).



  • Free plugin
  • More than 6000 books in PDF Format
  • Books are available in 88 languages
  • Direct download via Google Docs Viewer
  • Displaying books in Widgets. More than one language can be installed.
  • 10 ways to display book via bxslider. Links to books can be displayed without displaying pictures.
  • Controlling the number of books to be displayed
  • Controlling the display of download and read icons
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use
  • Responsive


PS: All the books are from the Comprehensive Muslim e-Library website owned by EDC (E-Da`wah Committee)](http://www.edc.org.kw), For Support click to Islam.com.kw.