The site contains some valuable and rare books that have been published on the Internet in the Islamic forums and websites. The site aims at providing educational and useful materials for knowledge seekers and Da`iyahs worldwide for non-commercial purposes. It is just a small effort for spreading the religion of Allah.


You can benefit from of the contents of the site but you are not allowed to make use of them to get commercial gains. We call upon the authors, researchers, publishers and webmasters from whom we took the scientific materials to appreciate our Da`wah goals. Indeed, they share Allah’s reward with us, because we do so only for the sake of Allah.


The books published on the site do not necessarily reflect the views of the site, but express the views of the authors. Based on the  rule that everyone’s sayings may be accepted or rejected except that of the Prophet (peace be upon him), we disavow any saying or view in any of these books contrary to the approach of Ahl Al-Sunnah and Jama`ah (followers of the Sunnah and Muslim mainstream). We express our thanks to the authors, researchers, publishers, sites and forums, and we ask Allah to reward them all the good for publishing these materials that are useful for the students of the Shari`ah sciences.


We note that the purpose of publishing these books and pamphlets is to make them available for those who cannot get the hard copies of these books from the knowledge seekers worldwide. This does not avail from purchasing the original paperbacks that are still most wanted by the seekers of knowledge.


We took upon ourselves not to publish any book on the website except Ten years after the issuance of the first edition, a period recognized for marketing books, in order to not to cause loss to the author and the publisher.


We call upon any author or any organization that have an objection to publishing their books to contact us and let us know their desire to delete the book and we will delete it immediately.


This is because the author’s interest is of utmost importance to us.


In case we delete a book, we are not responsible for other sites that publish the book against the author’s will.