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A Biography of the Best Man in Creation: Prophet Muhammad

A Biography of the Best Man in Creation: Prophet Muhammad
  • Book Editor: Emily Richardson
  • Book Translator: Haya M. Eid
  • Number of Pages: 704
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A Biography of the Best Man in Creation: Prophet Muhammad

May peace and blessings of Allah be upon him

A Biography of the Best Man in Creation: Through decades of sincere and diligent work, Dr. Hassan `Ashmawy delivered several lectures as an introduction to Islamic history by narrating the fragrant biography of Prophet Muhammad (PBBUH).

His book, A Biography of the Best Man in Creation and the Lives of His Honorable Companions, consists of a series of lectures presented in a smooth and easy style to educate Muslims about their religion and the life of their Prophet (PBBUH) and his honorable Companions.

The book also caters to non-Muslims, giving them an opportunity to read about and appreciate the life of this noble Prophet and Messenger (PBBUH). Prophet Muhammad PBBUH) is the best teacher, the best politician, the best father, and the best healer of hearts and souls in the history of humanity.

Among previous prophets and messengers, he (PBBUH) is the greatest. He is their imam. His life is like an overflowing ocean, providing endless lessons, morals, and meanings that require immense effort to express and articulate. His birth and mission have been a mercy to all of humanity.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) prepared his Companions for the enormous task of spreading Islam east and west.

The inspiring biography of the Prophet (PBBUH) and his honorable Companions details the many events that occurred throughout his life, from his birth to how he (PBBUH) fulfilled the mission of conveying Islam in Makkah, his emigration to Madinah, the building of the Muslim state, and the various battles he fought.

They are all bright stars in the history of this Ummah.

I begin with Allah’s Name and with praise of Him, and I send peace and blessings upon His Messenger Muhammad, his family, Companions, and followers.
“My Lord, expand for me my chest, ease for me my affairs, and untie the knot from my tongue that they may understand my speech. I only desire reform so far as I am able. And my success is only through Allah. Upon Him I have relied, and to Him I repent.


Complied by Dr. Hassan `Ashmawy
Translated by Haya M. Eid
Edited by Emily Richardson