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Pathway to Medina

Pathway to Medina
  • Publisher: Academy of Islamic Research & Publications
  • Book Translator: Mohammad Asif Kidwai
  • Year of Publication: 1982
  • Number of Pages: 170
  • Book visits: 9255
  • Book Downloads: 2409
  • Book Reads: 1691

Pathway to Medina

The book is a collection of my speeches and articles relating to the biography of the Holy Prophet. Since these were delivered or written at different times and for different occasions, some divergence was inevitable. But there is a unity in the diversity for whatever has been said in them is inspired by the same idea and sentiment. Their contents revolve round a single personality. That of the prophet Muhammad (saw). They appertain solely to his life and teachings, and his contribution to civilization and gifts to Humanity. And the underlying aim, too, is nothing but to produce in the minds a living awareness of his greatness and arouse the feelings of love and deep devotion for him in the hearts. Hence, it is hoped, no confusion or tiresome repetition will be felt in these pages in spite of the dissimilarity or variation of titles and mode of expression.



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