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The Miraculous Preachings of the Glorious Quran

The Miraculous Preachings of the Glorious Quran
  • Book Translator: QAZI ABDUL HAMEED
  • Year of Publication: 1981
  • Number of Pages: 92
  • Book visits: 14559
  • Book Downloads: 3698
  • Book Reads: 2971

This short collection of eight lectures on the “Method of Preaching” in the light of glorious Quran would open new vistas for both, the student and the specialist. Prophet Muhammad (peace be on him) said, “the wonders of the glorious Qur’an would never cease.” The present book is a clear proof of this Tradition when, not thousands, but hundreds of thousand books have been written during the last fourteen hundred years, the subject appears new and the verses (of the glorious Our’ an) do not seem to have lost their freshness.