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Islam Is Your Birthright

Islam Is Your Birthright
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Islam Is Your Birthright

Many books have been glorified and respected by people throughout the ages and centuries. They were preserved because of their importance so that people may benefit from them; moreover, a culture can be inherited from them in order to maintain the personality of a specific nation, whether the book is good or bad or a mix of good and bad. When it comes to the scriptures which Allah (Glorified and Exalted is He) has revealed to the people, human beings attempted to preserve them.

However, the result was that there are now different versions of the same referred book, which indicates a failure of the preservation attempt. No one can argue that Allah has revealed the Torah and the Gospel to prophets Jesus (peace be upon him) and Moses respectively.

However, can any one of their followers put their finger on a specific version of the Old Testament or the New Testament and say: this is the word of God which He revealed to prophet Jesus or Moses? I leave the answer to the respected reader. However, when it comes to the Quran, the whole Muslim community [more than one billion Muslims] testifies the preservation of the Quran across the centuries. In this little booklet, light is shed on various proofs that the Bible, which was revealed to Jesus was widely altered; whereas, the Quran is wholly preserved, and hence it is the only reliable source of divine teachings in the hands of people today that can described as ‗the word of Allah‘.



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