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The Global Messenger

The Global Messenger
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The Global Messenger

This is an introduction to Muhammad the Prophet of Islam with a glimpse of his life, character, accomplishments and teachings a brief account presenting facts from historically verified sources.

It concludes with some authentic supplications taught by the Prophet ﷺ, reflecting his relationship with Allah and serving as guidance for his followers at every time and place. Suitable for beginners and non-Muslims..

The book is divided mainly into two sections, although the topics covered in both are interrelated and complimentary.
The first acquaints the reader with information about the life of Prophet Muhammad and his global mission, while the second is concerned more with his teachings and way of life.
All statements have been taken from the authentic Arabic sources which are widely available for reference and study.
But serious scholarship cannot rely on translations or compilations, such as this one, in languages other than the original.
A work of this sort can be no more than an outline, and is meant merely as an introduction to the Messenger of God and the message he was ordered to convey.


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