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Revisiting and Reviving the Dawah Narrative

Revisiting and Reviving the Dawah Narrative
  • Publisher: Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America
  • Year of Publication: 2016
  • Number of Pages: 42
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Revisiting and Reviving the Dawah Narrative

Renewing the Dawah Narrative in a Way that Safeguards the Fundamentals and Suits our Times and Places It is well understood that dawah is a communal obligation.

There should be no need to quote verses and hadith that emphasize the importance and obligations of dawah as a whole.

However, there are some points related to the principles of dawah that need to be highlighted as an introduction to the topic at hand.

A problem occurs for dawah when the traditional messages, at least in the way that they are delivered, no longer resonate with the target audience, be they Muslims themselves or non- Muslims.