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Raising Children in Islam – Act of Worship

Raising Children in Islam – Act of Worship
  • Book Translator: Al-Falah Foundation
  • Year of Publication: 2005
  • Number of Pages: 52
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Raising Children in Islam – Act of Worship

Worship and doctrine are two inseparable things because doctrine represents the theoretical aspect of Islam whereas worship represents its practical aspect.

So, worship is the soul of doctrine that gives it life and the mirror that reflects its image. When a child turns his little face to his Lord and responds to His Commands he is, by this, only fulfilling and satisfying a natural instinct inside him.

Dr. Sa’ id al-Buti referred to this saying, “But in order to make the doctrine strongly implanted in the soul, it must be irrigated with the water of worship. Worship in its various images and shapes will make the doctrine grow and flourish in the heart and will make it stand firm in front of the hardships of life”

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