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How Did Muhammad React to Personal Abuse?

How Did Muhammad React to Personal Abuse?
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  • Year of Publication: 2015
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How Did Muhammad React to Personal Abuse?

Do you believe in Prophet Muhammad? If not, Why? Do you not agree that a person may be rightly judged by his/her reactions especially to personal abuse? What if such reactions are always great?

Just give yourself the chance to know Prophet Muhammad well before deciding to believe or disbelieve in him.

Read this book carefully to know how great Prophet Muhammad and how great his reactions were. You will see that his reactions were always prophetic even when he was deeply offended and personally abused. His manners were always those of a prophet even when insulted.

From time to time, satirical cartoons of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)

are published by such people who either are ignorant of or ignore the real character of Prophet Muhammad.

While the Muslim reactions to such abuse vary from one Muslim to another, I decided to avoid the direct defense of Prophet Muhammad or any endeavor to praise him simply because God promised him a good memory.

Let’s now review some of the uncountable situations where

Prophet Muhammad reacted to personal abuse by many people so that we may come to know how great Prophet Muhammad was.

If Prophet Muhammad had been a wicked person,

his reaction to abuse would have been equally wicked. If he had been a great man, his reaction would have been equally great.