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An Introduction to Prayer in Islam

An Introduction to Prayer in Islam
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An Introduction to Prayer in Islam

the Gracious, the Merciful. Indeed all praises and thanks
are due to Him. We humbly seek His help, His forgiveness and His guidance. We
seek refuge with Him from the evil in ourselves as well as the sins we commit.
No one can lead astray the one whom Allah guides and no one can guide the one
whom Allah has left astray.

I bear witness that there is no divine being other than Allah and that everything besides him is His creation which is subject to His All-Encompassing Almighty will for them. It is not for any of His creations to be worshipped as He is the only One worthy of worship. And I bear witness that Muhammad son of Abdullah was His final messenger sent to live and teach mankind the peak of utopian humanity grounded in a strong deeply personal relationship with their Creator based on love, gratitude, and devout loyalty.

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