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30 Short Friday Khutbah

30 Short Friday Khutbah
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30 Short Friday Khutbah

All praise for Allah Who has honored man and has created him in the best of forms.

Praise for Allah Who has endowed man with the ability to speak with his tongue as one of His greatest bounties. I bear witness that there is no god but Allah, the only God Who has no partner.

These short Friday khutbahs were taken from Islamic affairs in Dubai . The titles of khutbahs cover different subjects like purity, trust, wisdom, supplication, Family, prayer, etc. I hope this will be good reference for khateebs and useful for him. And I ask Allah the Almighty for forgiveness for you and me.


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6 thoughts on “30 Short Friday Khutbah


I’m sharing this with my son’s school in YR3

    Mohsen Haredy

    Thank you very much for sharing the book.

    Syed Mohammad Asim

    My name is Asim too! I am in 3rd year doing bachelor’s in architecture. I am a Khateeb of my college. Jazakallahu Khairan for the Khutbah’s, they would surely help me greatly in preparing Khutbahs Insha Allah.


Alhamdhulillaah… jazakallaahu khair… its simple & needy one.. May Allaah bless you all..


Request that the ahadith should be referenced , what the source is Sahih bukhari etc.

    Faisal 3azar

    Thank you for your comment. Please email the book’s author.

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