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The Religion Of Adam And Eve

The Religion Of Adam And Eve
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The Religion Of Adam And Eve

One Religion and One message!

Since the creation of Adam and Eve, throughout history, just one true religion with one original message has been delivered repeatedly to humankind.

To remind people of it and get them back on track, many prophets and messengers ̶ including Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad were sent by the only true God to convey this same message and follow the same religion of God.

These prophets and messengers all preached the same message; therefore their religion must be the same!

Submission to the Will of God is the essence of their message.

This word ‘SUBMISSION’ is the meaning of the Arabic word ‘ISLAM’.

The Qur’an confirms that submission to God, or ‘Islam’, is the true religion of Adam and all God’s prophets and messengers.

The Bible mentions many statements in which Jesus teaches his followers to do the Will of God and to keep His commandments.

Similarly, the Bible reports these words of Jesus’ brother, James, who also refers to the meaning of Islam (submission to God) when he says:

“Submit yourselves therefore to God.” (James 4:7)

The word ‘Muslim’ means a person who submits his or her will to the One True God; therefore, Muslims are true followers of Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Mohammad, and the rest of the prophets.