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The New Muslim Guide – English Version

The New Muslim Guide – English Version
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  • Year of Publication: 2012
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The New Muslim Guide:  Congratulations on embracing this great religion of Islam! Congratulations on choosing true guidance and stepping out of the darkness of ignorance into the light of faith!

Congratulations on your boldness and objectivity in your search for the truth before taking the most important decision in your life by embracing this great religion!

A person who purchases a new device or joins a club, a team or an institute spares no effort to learn and read about his rights and obligations and to deal with the new circumstances.

The good news you must surely relish while acquiring Islamic knowledge is that all the religious information that you acquire constitutes in its totality the prophets’ inheritance, for Allah’s prophets bequeath neither dinar nor dirham; rather, they, as Prophet Muhammad  states, ‘‘bequeath knowledge. Whoever acquires this knowledge has in fact acquired an abundant portion’’. (Sunan Abu Daawood: 88)

This exquisitely illustrated guide presents you with the first step and the foundation stage in learning about this great religion, which is undoubtedly the best blessing Allah has bestowed upon man. It provides you with guidelines in most aspects of life you encounter, responds to your urgent queries and gives you ample support to deal with people around you and successfully deal with the various situations in which you are most likely to find yourself. Presented in a straightforward style, this guide also provides you with documented information from the Qur’an and the Sunnah of the Prophet.

In addition to being a delightful, detailed book, it is a reference guide which you can consult whenever you encounter a situation or need to find out about the Islamic ruling on a given issue.

We pray to Almighty Allah to grant you abundant prosperity and more guidance, make your heart adhere firmly to His religion, make you blessed wherever you may be and admit all of us into Paradise, among those upon whom Allah has bestowed grace and favour, the prophets and the truthful.

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