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The Key to understanding Islam

The Key to understanding Islam
  • Publisher: www.thekeytoIslam.com
  • Book Translator: Abdur-Rahman Murad
  • Number of Pages: 251
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The Key to understanding Islam

While engrossing, this book is essential reading for those whom seek a clear understanding about Islam. This comprehensive guide offers and informative and insightful introduction to Islam.

It talks about the story of Muhammad, introduces the sacred book – the Qur’an, and explains the five pillars of faith and the fundamental goals of Islam, while exploring the interplay between Islam and other religions.

In addition, discover more about the virtues in ancient Islamic civilization and modern science, while describing the etiquettes, manners, morals, and rights found in Islam, and how these things have enhanced social and daily interactions in society.

Source: explore-islam


3 thoughts on “الإجابة: القرآن وأسئلتك الوجودية

Hassan Nakri Hassan



الكتاب غير كامل – الملف الموجود هو المقدمه فقط اين باقى الكتاب ؟

    Mohsen Haredy

    هذه عينة من الكتاب فقط. وهي خدمة نقدمها لزوار الموقع نقوم فيها بعمل ملخصات للكتب الجديدة.

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