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Studying The Glorious Qur’an: Principles And Methodology

Studying The Glorious Qur’an: Principles And Methodology
  • Publisher: UK Islamic Accademy
  • Year of Publication: 2003
  • Number of Pages: 114
  • Book visits: 10882
  • Book Downloads: 3666
  • Book Reads: 2849

In this work, we have an immensely readable work which offers us the means to understand and appreciate how best to approach the Qur’an as also avoid specific shortcomings in method and purpose. This is achieved in the acceptance of the Qur’an as the final Word of God whilst still retaining the Revelations of the earlier Abrahamic traditions and in understanding the Qur’an as the ultimate guidance and reformation for all mankind, for all times.

The specific preconditions and qualities which enable one to profit from the Qur’an as also those impediments which get in the way of this are finely delineated. By way of final instruction, examples from the lives of the first and early Muslims, and their ways and means of reciting and contemplating the Qur’an are also included.

The astonishing facts and rich content of this book will appeal most to the inquiring mind of the general reader and academic alike.