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Saviours of Islamic Spirit Abridged

Saviours of Islamic Spirit Abridged
  • Publisher: icon publicotion
  • Book Translator: MOHIUDDIN AHMAD
  • Year of Publication: 2008
  • Number of Pages: 192
  • Book visits: 11194
  • Book Downloads: 2916
  • Book Reads: 2442

Saviours of Islamic Spirit Abridged

In order to enable the followers of Islam to meet the time bound and extremely variable human needs changing according to circumstances, God has bestowed two things upon this Ummah.

First, the precepts and teachings of the Holy Prophet of Islam, Mohammad (may the peace of God be upon him), which can withstand all changes brought about by time and space, and solve all problems posed by the time-bound needs of humanity. Secondly, the Lord has taken it upon himself, that He shall always be raising such beacons of light and learning who will be translating the teachings and precepts of Islam into practical life and thus infusing a new life-blood into the veins of the Ummah for its march onwards. Ummah always did get a man of the same type and stature that it needed in a particular age.

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