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Religion And Civilization

Religion And Civilization

Religion And Civilization
  • Publisher: Academy of Islamic Research & Publications
  • Book Translator: MOHlUDDlN AHMAD
  • Year of Publication: 1975
  • Number of Pages: 122
  • Book visits: 5408
  • Book Downloads: 1044
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Every civilization is made by the lights that guide it. The author has brought out into relief the values which can establish a harmonious equilibrium in the whole sphere of human life-spiritual, physical, individual, social, economic and political. On the one side of this middle path is the ancient Indian, Christian, Noe-Platonist and Grec-oriental Gnosticism of the late-classical period of Europe, defined as ‘World and life negation’ by Dr. Albert Schweitzer, which requires the individual to ‘bring life to a standstill in himself by mortifying his will-lo-live, and to renounce all activity which aims at improvement of the conditions of life in this world.’1 This view of the life and the world is impracticable since it regards worldly life as a stage-play, encourages asceticism and produces strange eddies of beliefs and practices which sap the very foundation of social existence. The world-view on the opposite end seeks to analyze and explore, to test and prove all things in the light of reason, give a free play lo the bodily desires and rejects everything beyond the ken of human senses.


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