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lslamization of Knowledge Conceptual Background Vision and Tasks

lslamization of Knowledge Conceptual Background Vision and Tasks
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The paper clearly analyzed the position and importance of knowledge in Islam, the aim of acquiring knowledge in Islam, Islamic source of knowledge, classification of knowledge in Islam, Islamic view about the Universality of Knowledge and the characteristics of knowledge in Islam. It then discussed the significance and implications of the Islamic vision of knowledge to the Islamization of knowledge programme. The thoroughness, brilliance and excellence of the paper motivated the IIIT (Nigeria) Office to request Bro. Salisu Shehu to expand some of the sub-themes, especially on the tasks ahead for the Islamization of knowledge programme, with a view to publishing it. This booklet is the outcome of Bro. Salisu Shehu’s vision which has been edited. This is then the pioneering book on Islamization of knowledge to be published by IIIT (Nigeria) office. In sha Allah another paper will be published in the same way.



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