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Dhul-Qidah 14, 1444
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Who is Jesus according to Jesus?

Who is Jesus according to Jesus?
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As a matter of fact, numerous beliefs are held about Jesus, the truth about whom is considered one of the most controversial topics among the followers of the various faiths.
One group believes that he is God and/or the son of God; a second group believes that he is a prophet; a third group believes that he is neither God nor a prophet, nor even a messiah.
 Anyway, let’s set all those beliefs aside, listen to Jesus himself, and know who he is according to the New Testament, with reference to the Old Testament and, sometimes, the Qur’an.
 Let’s assume that all chapters of both the Old Testament and the New Testament are actually the words of God, discuss what Jesus said about himself and interpret the verses with equivocal indications through the verses with unequivocal indications in the Bible.


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