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Guide for Domestic Workers

Guide for Domestic Workers
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Guide for Domestic Workers

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said: “Every one of you is a caretaker and every caretaker will be
questioned about those he was responsible for …. A servant is a caretaker of her master’s
wealth and will be questionable about that.”
Our Sister in humanity, you are not living with a Muslim family that adheres to customs and traditions that may seem strange to you. So try to understand them and then acclimatize to them so as to lead a happy and comfortable life. In this book, our aim is to expound to you some aspects of the local culture, the most important of which is trustworthiness as per the aforequoted saying of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him.) Following are some of the areas in which to exercise Godconsciousness:

– Children: You are responsible in from of Allah – in the first place – for the nursing and taking
care of children. Under no circumstances should you inflict corporal punishment upon them.
You should rather patiently persevere and observe kindness when dealing with them. Regarding
naughty and hyperactive children, inform their mother immediately of their misbehavior. She will
take necessary steps – according to her knowledge and experience – towards disciplining them.
– If your employer leaves you with children in a games corner of any co-operative society for shopping,
be attentive to the children and avoid chitchatting with your friends. Be aware that the safety of
those children should be given preference over other issues. They are a trust in your hands.
– If there happens to erupt any problem between you and the children, don’t hesitate to refer to the
housewife who find a due effective and sustainable solution.
– Should there be any handicapped child in the house, try your best to learn how to deal with them.
Remember always that such kind of special needs children – and others – is a trust in your hand;
Allah is watching over you in how you deal with them and you will be accountable for that on the
Day of Judgment. You should pay a raft attention towards those children as they need special care
and treatment.