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Rabia Thani 9, 1441
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Glory Of Iqbal

Glory Of Iqbal
  • Publisher: Academy of Islamic Research & Publications
  • Book Translator: Mohammad Asif Kidwai
  • Number of Pages: 244
  • Book visits: 4107
  • Book Downloads: 924
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An extract from the book Glory Of Iqbal: “The Mosque of Cordoba In 1932, Iqbal visited Spain and also went to see the Mosque of Cordoba. It was not an ordinary sightseeing trip by a tourist interested in ancient monuments but a pilgrimage to an outstanding symbol of faith by a faithful Believer and a warm-hearted poet. It was a pilgrimage of love and loyalty by a celebrated Muslim to pay homage to the spiritual legacy of Abdul Rahman el-Dakhil and his companions. Iqbal was greatly moved by the magnificence and solemnity of the Mosque and the deep emotional responses its awe-inspiring sight evoked in him found expression in the immortal poem called Masjid-i-Qartaba (The Mosque of Cordoba).


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