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Faith Versus Materialism

Faith Versus Materialism
  • Publisher: Academy of Islamic Research & Publications
  • Book Translator: MOHlUDDlN AHMAD
  • Year of Publication: 1998
  • Number of Pages: 102
  • Book visits: 9144
  • Book Downloads: 2713
  • Book Reads: 1552

This book is a translation of the Arabic book As Sar’a bain al – Iman wal Maddiyah, which was later rendered in the Urdu Language and finally into English. Although not a commentary per se of Suratul Kahf of the Noble Quran, it is a profound exposition and exegesis of the message of the Surah.

The book attempts to explain two concepts diametrically opposed to each other: one is materialism denoting the primary and objective existence of the external material world; and the other asserts the existence of realities which lay beyond the range of human perceptions, for example, the existence of [good].

The book further explains the meaning and the purpose of Faith and warns against the denial of God and His authority.



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