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Ease and Tolerance in Islam

Ease and Tolerance in Islam
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Ease and Tolerance in Islam

Islam is the religion that God revealed to all Prophets and Messengers, from the Prophet Adam, may God exalt his mention, to the Prophet Muhammad 1)صلى الله عليه وسلم ). God, the Exalted, says: “Indeed, the religion in the sight of Allah is Islam.” [3:19]

Each prophet called his people to the belief in the Oneness of God and to dedicate all acts of worship to God alone, without associating partners to Him. God, the Exalted, says:

“He has ordained for you of religion what He enjoined upon Noah and that which We have revealed to you, [O Muhammad], and what We enjoined upon Abraham and Moses and Jesus – to establish the religion and not be divided therein. Difficult for those who associate others with Allah is that to which you invite them. Allah chooses for Himself whom He wills and guides to Himself whoever turns back [to Him].”(Quran 42:13)

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