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A Beneficial Summary of Rulings for New Muslim

A Beneficial Summary  of Rulings for New Muslim
  • Publisher: Department of Fatwa - State of Kuwait
  • Book Translator: Shaikh Mohammed Daniel
  • Year of Publication: 2015
  • Number of Pages: 317
  • Book Version: Second Edition
  • Book visits: 16030
  • Book Downloads: 6222
  • Book Reads: 4575

A Beneficial Summary of Rulings for New Muslim

As you dear new Muslim, have been blessed by Allah with the immense blessing of guidance, you are in great need of learning the rulings and principles of your religion. You must learn the correct creed; correct performance of obligatory actions; the foundation of dealings with those around you, especially those who are still non-Muslims. It is for this reason, that in this book we have compiled for you the most important rulings that you must be aware of and have entitled it: (A Beneficial Summary of Rulings for New Muslim)

We hope for the sake of Allah the Exalted that we have been successful in the choice of topics and our explanation of them.

At this juncture, we would also like to mention that the religion of Islam is a divine methodology free from all incorrections and imperfections. As for humans, we all strive in our pursuit of knowledge and understanding, there are those of us who are correct, and those who are incorrect and we will remain in this state until the Last Day. This work is our effort, therefore whatever it contains of goodness and truth is from Allah the Exalted; whatever it contains of badness and error is from the Satan and us, and Allah and His Apostle are free from such.

The Methodology used in compiling this book

This book has been written using the following method:
1) We have made every effort to use simple words and modern standard language so that new Muslims will find it easy to understand and implement.

2) We have focused on only the most important creedal aspects and rulings that every new Muslim must be aware of. In the same way, we have only covered the obligatory acts of worship that cannot be left unpracticed.

3) We have depended on the majority of scholarly opinion in the ‘Schools of Thought’ when discussing general issues of jurisprudence, as well as the positions reached by the Fatwa Committee at the Kuwait Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs. We have supported these by verses of the Holy Quran and authentic prophetic narrations, without going into too much detail in order to keep things short and simple for new Muslims.

4) The book has been divided into four chapters: The first chapter gives a comprehensive description of Islam. The second chapter covers the most important matters related to belief and creed. The third chapter covers the most important rulings in relation to jurisprudence and obligatory acts of worship that a new Muslim must know. The fourth chapter covers the rulings in relation to societal and financial relations for a new Muslim.

Finally, we would like to end by petitioning Allah the Exalted to accept this effort from us as a good deed that has been done seeking His pleasure only. We ask Allah to bless and make it beneficial for all; He alone is The Guarantor and to Him alone do we submit and depend on. May Allah grant salutations and peace upon our Master Mohammed and upon his family and companions.

Source: Department of Fatwa – State of Kuwait