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Have You Discovered its Real Beauty?

Have You Discovered its Real Beauty?
  • Publisher: E-Da`wah Committee
  • Year of Publication: 2014
  • Book visits: 15757
  • Book Downloads: 3836
  • Book Reads: 2371

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A great interactive book which explains the real beauty of Islam, by Dr Naji Ibrahim Arfaj. This book presents just some examples of the real beauty and greatness of Islam.

• It inspires us to have good intentions, positive attitudes, and kind feelings towards others.

• It teaches us to forgive, and love for others what we love for ourselves. • It urges us to smile sincerely, and be kind to others. • It instructs us to act courteously.

• It commands us to have good conduct and behave with respect.

• It teaches us to be gentle to humans, animals, birds, and our environment.

• It instructs us to respect and care for our parents and the elderly, and to be good to our families, spouses, and children.

• It encourages us to help, feed, and support the weak, the poor, the needy, and the disabled. • It urges us to think, ponder, reason, and base our judgments on proof.



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