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Atheism: A Giant leap Of Faith

Atheism: A Giant leap Of Faith
  • Book Editor: Sheikh Esam Ishaq
  • Year of Publication: 2023
  • Number of Pages: 182
  • Book Version: Third Edition March 2023
  • Book visits: 5185
  • Book Downloads: 1710
  • Book Reads: 1560

Atheism A Giant leap Of Faith

This book challenges the atheistic worldview by proving that atheism is itself a leap of faith that can never be proven empirically.

The book also explores the flaws and contradictions in scientific theories that attempt to explain the origins of the universe and its inhabitants without a Creator, and provides answers to the common questions atheists and agnostics have about religion and God, from an Islamic perspective.

The author presents a strong scientific evidence-based case for the existence of God and invites readers to reexamine their beliefs about atheism.

As a volunteer at one of the largest Islamic centers in the Middle East, I have the pleasure of interacting and discussing faith with visitors from many different religious backgrounds and diverse cultures.

It has become a challenge for me to find convincing answers to their many questions and concerns.

I had had some of the same questions and concerns in my younger years. However, by the Grace of God, I was guided to answers which deepened my faith and strengthened my relationship with my Creator.

This book presents a summary of the points of discussion with our guests in a Q&A format for clarity and ease of reference. The answers are sourced from my research, discussions with my colleagues and my personal thoughts on each subject.

If what I present is correct, it is by the Grace of God. If there are mistakes, these are mine and I ask Him, then you, for forgiveness.

Often, what turns people away from religion is a wrong concept of God. The discussion in this book is based on the Islamic monotheistic concept of God: The One and Only God, Absolute, Non-human, Who begets not and is not begotten, Indivisible, Ever-living, Transcendent, the First and the Last, Omniscient, the One Who created, destined and guided each creation to its function, Who sustains everything in existence, to Whom we belong and to Whom we will return… the One God of Adam, Noah, David, Solomon, Abraham, Ezra, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, etc. Over a hundred thousand prophets were sent across the ages to different people in different tongues with one main message: to worship the One Creator and worship Him directly without any intermediaries or detours.

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