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Answering Humanity’s Critical Questions

Answering Humanity’s Critical Questions
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Answering Humanity’s Critical Questions

Islam answers humanity’s most critical and significant questions, such as:
What is the truth?
Who created us?
Is there a God?
Who is our true God?
Who is God’s final prophet?
Whom should we worship?
Who are we?
Why are we here?
What happens after we die?
What will the next life be like?
What is our final destination – Paradise or Hellfire?
How can we attain true peace of mind, success, and real happiness?
How can we gain eternal life?


Islam tells us that the One True God (Allah) has created the entire creation. It is only this great God (Allah) Who made all humans and animals; the earth and its mountains, oceans and rivers, plants and forests; the sun and the moon, galaxies and orbits; and days and nights. All other objects, including those we know of and those that have not yet been discovered, are aspects of His infinite creation.

Source : global academy for translation & education



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