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A New You – From the book “Renew Your Life” by Sheikh Muhammad Al-Ghazali

A New You  – From the book “Renew Your Life” by Sheikh Muhammad Al-Ghazali
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  • Book Translator: Haya Muhammad Eid
  • Year of Publication: 2021
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A New You

From the book “Renew Your Life” by Sheikh Muhammad Al-Ghazali

Often, when we want to start a new page in our life, we tie such a wish to some favorable circumstances in the unknown future, a turnabout in our career, or a special date or event. This postponement is accompanied by the belief that power will come to us at that time to invigorate us after a period of indolence and reawaken hope after despair.

But this is merely an illusion; renewal of life springs, above all, from within the self.
When life is faced with purpose and insight, there is little danger of succumbing to one’s surrounding circumstances, no matter how bitter they may be.

Rather than being swept along by their currents, one would benefit from them, retaining one’s real self in the face of them, just as flower seeds buried under heaps of earth cleave their way up to the light where they release their refreshing fragrance.

They transform the soil and muddy water into joyful colors and pleasant scents; we can do the same if we take control of our time and preserve our freedom of action while confronting adverse conditions.
We are able to fulfill much without waiting for external help..

By harnessing hidden internal powers, buried faculties, and limited or trifling opportunities, man can build himself anew.
In this book A New You There is no time to linger. Help is given to those who are walking their way towards the truth, but the power of running or climbing will not be showered on those who are crippled with inaction.

That is impossible. Do not hinge the building of your life on some chance that may or may not break forth from the unknown. This will not bring you anything good.

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