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Welcome to Islam a Short Introductin Presentation

Welcome to Islam a Short Introductin Presentation
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  • Year of Publication: 2019
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Welcome to Islam a Short Introductin Presentation

Islam is a mystery to most Westerners and non Muslims

This book in particular, entitled Islam A Brief Introduction , shares with non Muslims the essence of Islam and its core messages.

It focuses on addressing the common misconceptions about this religion in a calm and organized tone.

Imagine that there are 1.6 billion people in the world who follow one of the world s largest religions that you may never have studied in school.

It includes among its adherents different races and peoples of Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia, and the Americas and has contributed to Western thought and culture for over a thousand years

Open almost any newspaper, turn on the radio or television, and there will be stories about Islam Sadly, many of these stories will be accompanied by images of violence The vision of Islam emerging from these images is one of brutality, hatred, disorder, and fanaticism This image of militant Islam lies at odds with a faith that most Muslims about 23 of world population adhere to.

The word Islam itself is closely related to salaam the word for peace The universal Muslim greeting is as salaamu alaikum peace be on you!

Islam is a peaceful religion with teachings that cover every area of life Islam is a way of life that millions of people consult in their daily affairs It answers fundamental human questions such as why are we here, who is God, what kind of life should a person lead, and what happens to us after we die? It also has its own program for improving the heart, mind, and spirit.

The purpose of this book is to give a brief account of wha the faith of Islam teaches, not of how some Muslims behave In Islam, like other religions, there are differences between what the believers are taught by their faith and what many actually think and do
Source: osoul center