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Significance of Muharram and `Ashura’ in the Sunnah

Significance of Muharram and `Ashura’ in the Sunnah
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Allah (Glory be to him) has made the occasions of goodness, where the rewards are multiplied and souls are purified, never ending. Once an occasion comes to an end, another occasion follows. And whenever a worship finishes, another worship starts. Thus, the loving worshipper of God remains in continuous connection with his God, the Almighty. Among the great occasions of goodness is the month of Muharram which the Prophet (peace be upon him) made fasting during it among the best fasts following the fasting in Ramadan.
Moreover, during the month of Muharram, there is one of the best days of the year, namely `Ashura’, the 10th day. On this day, Allah has saved Musa (Moses, peace be upon him) from Pharaoh. The Jews have venerated this day, and the Messenger of Allah commanded Muslims to venerate this day and celebrate it with performing good deeds and fasting.
The below texts are a number of selected authentic hadiths from the sayings of the best of mankind, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). These texts show us the significance of Muharram and its status among all other months as well as the excellence of the day of `Ashura’ from among all days. They cover the significance of the day of `Ashura and the importance of observe fasting on it. We ask Allah to make them beneficial for all those who are keen on seeking knowledge, especially the knowledge about the hadiths of the Prophet (peace be upon him).



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