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Why Religion?

Why Religion?
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Why Religion?

A Journey from the memory

I have always asked God for help in my life and asked Him to facilitate useful knowledge that I can benefit from. I used to pray to Him and say: O Lord, plan for me, because I do not manage well.

I saw in a dream then, that Prophet Muhammad, may blessings and peace be upon him, gave me a set of books, and I did not understand the interpretation of the dream.

My husband began his journey as a diplomat assigned to the United Nations. I decided to join him with the children. I felt that I had a lot of free time because I was separated from my work, family, and friends. Then, God opened the way for me to study languages that filled this free time.

Many friends believed that my diligence in studying languages would not add anything to my education.

They also thought that it was a waste of time because I would forget what I learned as soon as we returned to our country after my husband’s retirement.

Back then, I never stopped repeating the supplication: O Lord, plan for me, for I do not manage well. Until God opened a way for me to speak with non-Muslims about Islam, and because of my proficiency in languages, it amazed everyone. I came across many obstacles that almost stopped me from continuing.

Until a moment of despair, I heard someone telling me to “go on” during a dream, which encouraged me a lot. Then God sent me an unexpected helping hand and encouragement.

Based on this encouragement and distinguished professors’ advice, I decided to write this summary of my experience during the home quarantine period imposed on everyone due to the Corona pandemic. I thank God the Almighty for helping me write this book.

I pray to God that this book will be the lantern that lights the way for people with bright minds and open hearts, wanting to seek the truth.

The need for religion is greater than the need for food and drink. A person is by nature a religious person. 

Source: Faten Sabri