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Islam The Prefect Religion And A Way Of Life

Islam The Prefect Religion And A Way Of Life
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Islam The Prefect Religion And A Way Of Life

Quite a number of articles in English, Hindi, Urdu and other languages about Islam and Muslims, particularly Indian Muslims, have of late been published In the periodicals and journals which evince interest in the problems currently faced by the Muslims of India, Islamic personal law, their culture and its role in the Indian society. A number of seminars and symposiums have also been held in certain major towns of the country in which the educated class has shown fairly keen interest. Some of the papers published or the speeches delivered on the subject exhibited a sympathetic approach to these problems while others took a hostile attitude, yet others were over-critical or even reproachful. Some of these were undoubtedly quite learned and thought-provoking but most of what was said or written in this connexion suffered, by and large, from lack of a true understanding of the point of view of the Muslims. Nevertheless, all these reveal an interest in the issues pertaining to the Muslims which had so long been either completely forgotten or were thought worthy of attention by the politicians alone.



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