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A Summary of Waqf Regulations

A Summary of Waqf Regulations
  • الناشر: State of Kuwait - Awqaf Public Foundation
  • سنة النشر: 2006
  • عدد صفحات الكتاب: 25
  • عدد زيارات الكتاب: 7878
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  • عدد القراءة: 1674

A Summary of Waqf Regulations

Kuwait Awqaf Public Foundation is exerting sincere efforts to diffuse awareness about waqf and its civilizational role, holding the waqf-related sharia culture associated with the relevant jurisprudential regulations as the basis of such awareness. In this context, this booklet aims to serve the readers in this particular domain.

The booklet includes some major issues related to waqf and its regulations, the knowledge of which is deemed necessary for a waqif, a beneficiary and a nazir. A reader of this booklet will not fail to notice clarity, simplicity and observance of current conventions. Kuwait Awqaf Public Foundation takes pleasure in presenting this book after being subject to editing, with some additions approved by the KAPF Shari’a Committee.

Readers of this booklet who wish to know more about waqf or make inquiries about the issue may refer to scholars.